What To Do if You Lose Your Contact Lens in Your Eye

There may be a few times in your life that your contacts dry out and simply fall out, but they may roll around in your eye and get lost in your eye. It can be scary when your contact is lost in your eye, but there are ways to get it out. If you're worried that your contact lens is all the way behind your eye, this cannot happen. The conjunctiva (lining of the eye) won't allow this to happen, so your lens can be lost in your eye, but it's most likely along the upper eyelid. Read on for ways to remove your contact lens safely.

Use Contact Lens Solution Or Re-wetting Drops

Take some contact lens solution or re-wetting drops and put them into the eye where the lens is lost. Close your eyes and gently rub your eye to try and move the lens into proper placement so you can safely remove the lens. Gently massage the eyelid and the eye to move the lens. If you can't even feel the lens, try adding more solution or drops to your eyes to get it moist enough to move the lens. It can get stuck where it is if there isn't enough moisture. If the lens was dry enough, or your eyes are dry enough, it could take a lot of moisture to move it.

Fold Back the Eyelid

The lens is most likely stuck to the inside of your eyelid. To get it out, you can gently fold back your eyelid, which may take the help of a friend or family member. Fold back your eyelid gently, and apply solution to the inner eyelid. Continue to massage your eyelid until the lens comes down. If your contact lenses are getting stuck in your eyes or drying out often, make sure that they aren't expired lenses. If they are older lenses, they may dry out quickly. If the lenses are getting too dry, try to switch to a different brand, or use re-wetting drops more often if you have dry eye issues. Be sure to inspect your lenses for tears or rips and change them as often as instructed. Over-wearing your lenses can cause your lenses to dry out or lose shape, which can cause them to float off of the eyes easily.

If you have an issue with your contact lenses being lost in your eye and you aren't able to get it out, get to the eye doctor for eye exams and have it removed for you.