How Long Does It Take To Get Glasses? A Simple Guide

Millions of Americans use glasses every single day, and most of them have very poor vision without their aid. There are, of course, still quite a lot of Americans who need glasses but haven't taken the time to go and get them, or simply are not sure how to go about the process. Luckily, it is quite a simple process that can help totally change your life for the better if you let it. There is no need to struggle to read even basic road signs or force yourself to sit in the front few seats at the cinema—here is a simple guide for how to get glasses.

Visit An Optometrist

Optometrists are medical professionals who specialize in eye care and everything related to your vision. Scheduling an appointment is very easy, as there are quite a few clinics and optometrists offices in every community as vision is so important. One of the most common optometrist services is an eye exam, and this exam will give a direct answer to how bad your vision is and what to do to correct it. Once the eye exam is over, if you need glasses, the optometrist will order some prescription lenses for you.

How Long Does This Take?

Prescription lenses can take up to two weeks to deliver, but often if you live in a major city, it is much quicker than that. It can take a few days to see an optometrist, but they are usually not as busy as other medical professionals because eye exams are quite quick, so there is a chance you could see one on the same day you have the idea, or perhaps the next day. All in all, you may only have to wait just over a fortnight for glasses that could totally revolutionize how you see the world, which is an exciting thought.

Other Additions

If you not only want a good, sturdy pair of glasses, then you should look into getting contact lenses as well. Contact lenses are generally a bit quicker to arrive than prescription lenses because they are a little bit smaller and easier to produce, and are easier to ship. For those who want a more discrete look, do not be afraid to try out contact lenses, and if you do want them, be sure to bring them up with your optometrist and they will gladly help you arrange them as well.