Why You Should Use Contact Lenses For Cosplay

Whether you like anime, comic books, video games, or movies, cosplay is more popular than ever at conventions suited to these forms of media across the world. Getting in on the cosplay buzz is fun, especially since you get an opportunity to dress up as a favorite character and to have your photo taken by fellow fans. However, if you're not taking the opportunity to wear contact lenses to change the color of your eyes to match your chosen character, you're missing out. Here are some good reasons why you should consider contact lenses as the finishing touch of your cosplay:

Bringing Realism to Character

Whether you're a casual, first-time cosplayer or someone who is starting to think about it a little more seriously, eye color shouldn't be overlooked. Eyes are one of the most important facial features a character can have, even in animation. Having a perfect costume, wig, and set of poses will take you far, but having the wrong eye color will help to destroy the imitation of the character you enjoy so much. Simply popping in a pair of colored contact lenses can help to polish your cosplay look.

Color Correction Isn't Everything

Many cosplay pros and amateurs rely upon touching up photos digitally after a convention is over. Doing so can help to cover up minor flaws in pictures, whether it's part of your costume, your looks, or even removing unwanted elements from the background of your photos. However, you shouldn't rely solely upon digital color correction for making your eyes match the color of your character's eyes.

While color correction can easily change the color of your eyes in photos, it doesn't always look natural. Without extensive digital art skills, your color-corrected eyes could stand out in a bad way, making it obvious that your photo has been altered.

Furthermore, any pictures others took of you won't benefit from being color corrected. This could lead to photos circulating on the internet of you in your perfect costume with imperfectly matched eyes.

Vision Correction

Lastly, contacts can, of course, provide vision correction. If you're cosplaying a character that doesn't wear glasses and you do, contacts can help. In addition, even if your chosen character has the same eye color you do, putting in a pair of contacts will prevent ruining the illusion of your cosplay by having glasses on in photos when your character never wears them.

Cosplay is becoming an extremely popular hobby and one that demands perfection from even casual fans. If you haven't taken the time to consider your eyes, talk to an optometrist to get a pair of contact lenses to make your cosplay perfect.

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