3 Ways To Make Your Dollar Stretch On Your Next Pair Of Glasses

If you wear glasses and live on a budget, sometimes finding space for your next pair of glasses might seem impossible. However, there are ways that you can continue to take care of your eyesight will make your dollar stretch. Here are three things to consider the next time you're shopping for a new pair of glasses.

New Lenses

For many people, getting a new pair of glasses when your prescription has changed means buying the whole thing. However, have you ever considered just buying the lenses?

If your frames are recent and still in production, you can ask your eye doctor to order replacement lenses for your existing glasses. This means you don't have to fret about buying a new pair of frames, you can keep your current style, and your purchase will be far less expensive than if you were picking up the frames too. When your lenses are ready, your eye doctor will call you in to have the lenses put into your current frames.

Coating Options

There are plenty of options to choose from when getting a new pair of glasses, including the coatings that you have applied to the lenses. These coatings can help to do things like filter out certain wavelengths of light and prevent your lenses from getting scratched up easily. However, they're not a necessity.

Rather than simply ignoring every coating option, consider what your personal needs are. If you work indoors away from windows most of the time, UV filtering probably isn't something you need on your standard lenses. If you typically need a new pair of lenses every year and you're careful with them, you can probably also skip the anti-scratch coating. Making these choices will help you to save some money.

Payment Plans 

Lastly, talk to your eye doctor to find out if they offer any payment plans. While most eye doctors take insurance, many are also finding new ways to help their patients to finance their purchases.

Financing can help you to break up your purchase into multiple payments over a long time. This is either facilitated directly by your eye doctor's office, or it's available from a third-party creditor, like Care Credit. In any case, if you can't afford the full payment for your glasses now, this option can help you to get them nonetheless.

Eyeglasses can be quite affordable when you work with the options made available to you. Talk to your eye doctor and let them know you're on a budget so they can help you to make good, affordable choices.