3 Ways To Ensure Optimal Results With Laser Eye Surgery For Nearsightedness

If you struggle with nearsightedness, it usually means that you will have to wear glasses every day of your life just to be able to see well enough. Thankfully, lasik surgery is one of the most effective ways to treat nearsightedness, and this usually proves to be a successful procedure. However, the successful outcome of laser eye surgery also depends on certain aspects of the process and your actions after surgery. Here is a look at three ways to ensure an optimal outcome after laser eye surgery. 

Thoroughly discuss your medical history before the procedure. 

There are all kinds of medical conditions that can affect the overall success of laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness. Even certain medications you take can interfere with the healing process after the procedure is completed. Therefore, to ensure you see the best results, it is critical that you thoroughly discuss your medical history, status, and any medications you may be taking with the eye doctor before you have the procedure done. While having a certain medical condition or taking certain medications may not prevent your ability to have the surgery, these issues can mean the surgery will be different for you or the procedure should happen in a different way. 

Keep your hands away from your eyes after the surgery is complete. 

Right after laser eye surgery, your eyes will feel itchy and irritated, and you may even experience some pain. Your immediate reaction may be to rub your eyes to sooth the itchiness or pain, but it is critical that you keep your hands away from your eyes during the healing process. Rubbing your eyes, eyelids, or eyelashes can increase your chances of infection. The surgeon will prescribe you eye drops and possibly medications for pain. Use those and do what you can to relieve the sensations until they pass without actually putting your hands near your eyes. 

Avoid strenuous activities for as long as the doctor tells you to do so after surgery. 

Straining your body can actually strain the blood vessels inside of your eyes. If there is too much strain, it can hinder the eye's ability to properly heal after laser eye surgery. Therefore, your doctor will likely recommend that you avoid certain activities for several weeks after surgery. For example, if you play football, it may be recommended that you avoid the sport until your eyes are fully healed. Likewise, heavy lifting, bending for long periods, and similar actions should be avoided.